Description is a Portal & Mobile Application Platform for Low End Workers and their employment providers, which is promoted and developed by the IOTviti. There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about the number of white-collar jobs everything from Call-Center work to Software Development to Accounting to Engineering. The present and future picture for Low-Wage Workers and Job-Seekers are pretty grim. Workers employed in low-end-jobs across the nation are enjoying a boost in pay. Low-wage workers are tend to be male/female and with limited formal education. The competitive landscape for these jobs is heating up. As a result, employers are ramping up their recruitment efforts to attract the best talent on the market. These low-wage workers have neither the skills education nor power to lobby for better jobs with better wages — or even basic benefits or tools for Skill Development, Career Advancement, Healthcare, Etc., that most higher-wage workers simply take for granted. Real Life Solutions for Low-End-Job Seekers and their Employer

These low-wage jobs are not going anywhere; in fact they will increase in numbers over the next decade. The solution is a common platform where Job-Seekers and Employer are meeting together and shaking hands for their mutual future growth. Job-Seekers Career Counsellors, Governmental Agencies and Progressive Employers all working together is the true answer to this initiative. Low-End-Jobs is intensely passionate about delivering the right fit for every hire. The migrants, who are mostly from India, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh work generally at construction sites, palm plantations, vegetable farms, domestic services and restaurants for countries in Middle East, Far East, America and Europe.

Low End Jobs is concerned with developing its quality of services, ensuring its security, stop illegal immigration and increasing the trust of its policy and Strategies, in order to keep up with the current scenario.

Our Vision

To create world class platforms that transform lives . This is the online job website. Its business model depends on job listings and employer branding or visibility advertisements, on the one hand, and résumé database access, on the other.

Additional features of the website include: job seeker services such as candidate services which are free for job seekers; value-added features such as resume writing, highlighting, etc., for job seekers; and tools to search the database of resumes and job application screening programs for employer and recruitment consultant customers. Google Ad sense and mobile revenues contribute to the revenue as well.